About us

Brief History
In November of 2009 a group of friends got together to "shag peebs." It eventually became a regular informal gathering and led to the formation of the Utah Pibroch Club. In only a few short months the Utah Pibroch Club started seeing large turn-outs at their monthly sessions, and began trying to figure how to better foster pibroch instruction within the local community. Around that time the club was lucky enough to have been contacted by a local piper and pipe maker (Gordon Nichol) about taking on the name Utah Pibroch Society.

From that point on, the Utah Pibroch Society has been working to advocate and promote scholarship, instruction and inquiry within the form of Highland Bagpipe music known as Piobaireachd, Pibroch, or Ceol Mor. We act as an administrative body by overseeing the organization and implimentation of contests, workshops as well as help facilitate events or sessions held by local clubs.

Utah Pibroch Society Board of Directors

Left to Right: Gordon Orr, Ross Morrill, Marc Pehkonen, Justin Howland, Joseph Yost, Kimberely Nmezi, John Miner

President- Justin Howland
Vice President- Marc Pehkonen
Secretary- Joseph Yost
Treasurer- Kim Nmezi
Assistant Treasurer- John Miner

Additional Board of Directors
Ross Morrill
Gordon Orr