The Aged Warrior's Sorrow (Cumh Chlaibh) is taken from Donald MacDonald's 1820 published manuscript. An extension of the given title is, The Aged Warrior's Sorrow for not Being able to Wield his Sword as formerly, but an alternate title is The Sword's Lament (not to be confused with Lament for the Old Sword). Another setting of this tune was found in an anonymous hand, and is thought to have been recorded around 1815. This unpublished collection of tunes is referred to as the Hannay-MacAuslan manuscript. The recording of this tune is played by Utah Pibroch Society president, Justin Howland.

Lament for the Stone of Flint was written by society directors Ross Morrill and Justin Howland on their drive back to Salt Lake after spending their summer in Vancouver, BC playing with Triumph St. Pipe Band. The tune is based on the opening theme of the popular television series The Flintstones. Ground played here by Justin Howland